The Art of Decor and Jewelry

There are numerous subjects to be discussed and studied for those who enjoy anything related to creativity and artistry. Some may enjoy putting together home decor ideas, ensuring their rooms look stylish and fashionable. Others may prefer the beauty of jewelry, whether it is to be created, worn, or displayed artistically. Paintings and prints are another outlet for individuals with a creative streak. All forms of home decor, jewelry, and art can be said to be a way of expressing oneself. They can either be a hobby or a career, depending on the level of interest and knowledge.

Sports Decor in the Homes of Fans

20 Nov 2020

As fans, sports are always on our minds. We live and breathe for the home teams. What makes us different from sports watchers is the games follow us home. We want to live in those moments all the time.

Fortunately, there are some great ways to turn your home into a super reminder of your love for sports.

We’ll provide everything you need to bring the last quarter to your quarters, from themed spaces to stylized art.

Are you ready?

Wallpaper and Sports-themed Art

Nothing speaks your love for something more than a giant painting of it on the wall. Of course, when it comes to sports, there are many options for what to hang up. Murals and paintings will look amazing in the living room. Since it’s where you attend to your guests, they should come in the largest size possible to dominate the view.

Wall decors should represent something personal. Player portraits and signed jerseys are some great choices. You can also have a shelf of various smaller pieces like figurines or autographed baseballs.

Going vintage is another excellent option. You can either buy antique drawings and frame them or hang your own memorabilia. Some fans prefer to post collages of their favorite game photos on the wall.

Themed Spaces/Sports Rooms

Fans show their support in many different ways. Some paint their bodies while some make dedicated investments via online sports betting. We stop at nothing. Why not bring all of that to one place?

Making a sports-themed space requires more time and dedication, but it’s worth the effort. This is not a rule, but you should decide on one sport for this room. Having several different sports may look cluttered and lose the focus on what you love most.

Start Simple

Once decided upon a sport, center the decor on your favorite team. You can start by painting the walls with your team’s colors. For example, if you’re a Broncos fan, then orange with white lining is the way to go.

Don’t hesitate to go wild. All the furniture and windows can have the same color scheme. Go big or...don’t go home? We’re (half) kidding.

Add Decorations

Turning your living space into a sports haven is a long process. It’s okay to do it little by little. Once you’ve got the color theme going, time to add some props. The first thing you want is the team logos. Put them on the walls or in high places like shelf-tops.

If you’re going for a seasonal theme like the Super Bowl or Premier League, you can put team flags of a division together. A great way to highlight a game is to post photos you’ve taken next to the logos.

From this point, you can keep adding relevant collectibles like trophies and autographs to brighten up the room. Jerseys of your favorite player make a strong statement. Having a signed football next to that is the ultimate dream.